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Dinner: Bonsai Bali


Bonsai Bali

Combination with Vegetables & Noodles

It’s been an unusually challenging time this past week so I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front…but now it’s catch up time.

Too tired to cook after a somewhat physical day at work (moving office furniture), we headed off to Bonsai Bali in Tecoma.  The menu was laid out in two sections; one featuring Indonesian dishes, the other Chinese dishes. I ordered the hot and sour soup (vegetarian) for my entrée followed by the combination with vegetables and noodles in a Mongolian sauce. The soup was quite pleasant but had a chickeny taste to it – when I queried the staff as to what the stock was made from, the owner came out and assured me that 20% of their customers are vegetarian so they set up a separate wok in the kitchen just for preparing vegetarian meals and yes, the stock is vegetable based. I accepted this but passed my soup onto Jayson who devoured it for me as my taste buds were not in agreeance. The noodles dish was very tasty and full of goodness but I was surprised to find the meat/chicken versions of the same dish were actually a few dollars cheaper than the vegetarian. I guess that separate wok in the kitchen comes with a price tag…

Overall the service, atmosphere and food quality were good but I found the choices quite limiting considering the owner’s claims. Would I return? Probably not.

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Author: Karla

I was a vegetarian years ago when I was much younger, but it didn't stick the first time around. Relationships, apathy, lack of choices all influenced my slide back into eating meat. In early 2011, I heard about a book called "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer and immediately got myself a copy. Reading about the horrendous conditions factory farmed animals are forced to live under for their scarily short lives, really made me question whether I wanted to be a part of this going forward. A quarter of the way into the book my decision was made. I know my vegetarianism isn't going to change the world; my husband is a carnivore through and through and I don't expect that will change any time soon. I do however feel that most people would like to make more ethical choices concerning the food they eat, the coffee they drink, the restaurants they dine at etc. Many just don’t know where to start, which labelling to trust on food packaging, or just find it all too hard. So I'm here to share my own journey and to also learn from others who have made this lifestyle choice. Thanks for stopping by :)

2 thoughts on “Dinner: Bonsai Bali

  1. Hi! I live it Upwey – I’m glad a vegetarian has reviewed Bonsai Bali – I have read their menu and didn’t even realise that they offered vegetarian food! If 20% of their customers are vegetarian – I hope they expand their veggie items list. (not that I eat out a whole lot – but it’s nice to know where to go in the outer east)Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Andrea, there seems to be slim pickings for the veggies but I’m finding lately that most places are more than happy to modify or create something especially for you if you are out with a bunch of non-veggies which is great :)

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