Day 2:Lunch at the foodcourt = challenge

Today I thought I would take a gamble and not bring lunch in to work…big mistake! After wandering around for a while finding nothing vegetarian without egg or dairy I had a light bulb moment and thought “Rice paper rolls!”, only to find my usual vendor had closed down so that left a choice of cucumber/avocado sushi rolls (OK some days but not what I had in mind for a chilly Melbourne day). Luckily I have a Coles close by so I ducked into the supermarket and purchased a La Zuppa Sweet Corn soup – not bad at all. It contained all natural ingredients and no preservatives or weird numbers to decipher. On the down side, a hell of a lot of salt is used to make it taste half-way decent. But when you’re desparate it will do. I’ve scoffed mine with a crusty bread roll. Other options I’ve turned to in the past include:

  1. Dolmades from the Deli – buy a lemon as well to squeeze over the top
  2. Moroccan chickpea salad from the Deli also
  3. Falafel wrap minus the yogurt sauce and check if the humus contains dairy
  4. 4 bean salad (as long as the dressing isn’t dairy based)

I’m not very organised this week sadly so will need to do a major shop and get some supplies.



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