Day 4: Lunch by Salsa’s


Even though I had another La Zuppa soup sitting on my desk at work, it just wasn’t inspiring me. My stomach was roaring away and I wanted something more filling (and tasty). On a Friday it’s always nice to have a bit of a treat so I stopped into my local Salsa’s. Well surprise, surprise the range wasn’t big for the veggo’s but at least there were choices… take the meaty/cheesiness out of one of their Burritos and add something beany or go for a Burrito Bowl which has it’s own veggie version, albeit with the somewhat humdrum name of Veggie Packed Bowl. Priced at $12.95 I had high expectations…

The bowl usually comes with the following ingredients: frijoles (refried beans), capsicum, onion, broccoli, zucchini, ranch sauce, cheese, mild salsa, salsa fresco, guacamole, coriander & lime rice with side of a tiny packet of corn chips. For the purpose of the vegan challenge, I asked them to hold the cheese and the ranch sauce.

The result: a pretty tasty bowl of veggie goodness – nicely spiced and seasoned, half the bowl is filled with the coriander & lemon rice and then topped with a whole lot of the good stuff. I ate all of the veggie/bean concoction and ate about a third of the rice and it was enough to keep me going till I got home after work.

The verdict: I would definitely have this again.


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