Tasty Tech: Waiter there’s a 621 in my soup!

Ok, so you’ve decided to cut the nasties out of your diet and you’re reading labels like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s all good, until you come across a slew of numbers to decode, or a list of strange ingredients you’d need a science degree to begin to understand. Sure, there’s those handy little books you can buy at health food stores and bookstores to decode these numbers and words, but do you always remember to take them shopping with you? If you’re anything like me, not a chance. Well, did you know there are now several apps for i-phone to assist you every time you go shopping?

First of all there’s the Food Additive Assistant available for a very affordable $2.49. Just punch in the number and the Food Additive Assistant will define the ingredients and the possible hazards associated with consuming certain additives. This app is fairly no frills and doesn’t allow for customising, but is pretty good for the price.

Next up there’s the Foodditive – Food Additive Guide. This one allows you to select your particular dietary restriction eg. Gluten Free, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, Vegan etc. It’s a little pricier at $3.99 but has more options and a great looking, easy to navigate interface as well. This one is my personal pick.

For the gluten intolerant folks, in particular sufferers of Coeliac Disease, the Coeliac Society of Australia  have released this useful app to aid shoppers in identifying ingredients containing gluten. This one is priced at $9.99.

Well, between an additive app and the ethical consumer guide, my grocery shopping is sorted, although a little more time-consuming, till I am able to recognise the additives on sight.

Thanks to Jayson for lending a finger (in the above pic) to the cause 🙂


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