Cocoa Rhapsody: Beautiful chocolate that ticks all the boxes

Cocoa Rhapsody fair trade chocolate

The Cocoa Rhapsody stand at Jells Park Farmers Market

These days in my efforts to eat only fair trade dairy free chocolate, it’s become a bit of a challenge to find something that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture. On Saturday I had the good fortune to discover the Cocoa Rhapsody stand at the Jells Park Farmer’s Market. Chatting to business owner Patricia, it quickly became evident this is very much a passion project for the husband and wife team, wanting to make beautiful Australian Made chocolates utilising high quality fair trade ingredients. Patricia’s husband Floyd has many years of experience as a pastry chef and chocolatier which has been instrumental in the creation of these smooth, creamy chocolates. We had fun sampling  the many different varieties and it was difficult to walk away without one of everything! There is an extensive milk chocolate range as well as quite a few varieties that are vegan friendly/dairy free. It’s great to see an ethical product that tastes so darn good. These chocolates are also certified organic so you can skip the chemical nasties as you indulge.

Cocoa Rhapsody fairtrade chocolate

Our picks of the day

You can catch Cocoa Rhapsody at farmer’s markets around Melbourne, at a wide range of retailers listed on the website or order by email/phone. With Easter just around the corner it’s time to stock up!


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