Act now: Help end Live Export

By now most of you would have heard about this week’s Four Corners report on Animals Australia’s investigation into live exports to Indonesia. The footage was nothing short of devastating to watch; one of the most difficult I have sat through up to this point. However, it has undoubtedly brought awareness of this dire situation to all corners of the world and hopefully through enough persistent action we can bring an end to this practice. It disgusted me to learn that as an Australian taxpayer I am unwittingly contributing to this atrocity. If you haven’t watched the video footage and would like to see for yourself what all the outrage is about, I urge you to proceed with extreme caution as it contains many scenes of animals in distress and dying horrific deaths. The video can be viewed here.

I urge you not to let this issue be swept under the carpet. If you feel strongly about putting an end to live animal exports, there are many ways you can add your voice to this campaign. For starters you can visit where you can send a letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and copy in Minister of Agriculture, Joe Ludwig.  You can also visit Julia Gillard’s Facebook and Twitter pages and leave messages or comments. The WSPA has recently launched a new Humane Chain website with a letter writing tool making it easy to send a personal letter to your local MP.

The GetUp! organisation is also running a campaign to air the ad below to help spread awareness.  To assist by making a donation, please visit the GetUP! website.

My utmost respect and admiration goes to Lyn White and the team at Animals Australia for their unfaltering dedication to this important work.


4 thoughts on “Act now: Help end Live Export

  1. Great post Karla!

    The 4 Corners report was so difficult to watch and my husband couldn’t believe that I sat through it all as he only lasted about 5 minutes. I managed to watch the whole program due my admiration for Lyn White and the situations that she endures to bring these atrocities to the public eye. My personalised letters have been sent and I have donated money for the ad campaign too. If the pollies don’t act, I hope there will be a rally as I will definitely be in attendance!

    • If it was difficult for us to watch, I can only imagine how it would have been for Lyn White to have witnessed it all first hand. Count me in for the rally too!

  2. This is so horrible. Thanks for posting about it – I don’t have a TV and hadn’t heard about this. I’ll be making a donation to the campaign. It’s unbearable to know that we live in a world that allows this type of suffering. Makes me feel hopeless, but I know we can make things change!

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